create a local Jekyll page

See this example and this example

Deploy on JSC GitLab

To deploy the files to the JSC GitLab server, the following steps have to be done:

  1. add your source files to a gitlab repository
  2. create .gitlab-ci.yml

create .gitlab-ci.yml

Creating and pushing the following file will use the GitLab Continious Integration feature to generate the html files with Jekyll and deploy them on the server. The script is executed on a shared docker runner width the tag “pages”.

  1. use the docker image ruby which provides a minimal ruby installatino required by Jekyll
  2. clone the repository
  3. install Jekyll
  4. execute Jekyll in the repository and generate output in ./public
  5. copy the generated files (the public/ directory) to the gitlab server


  - public-docker
  image: ruby:2.3
  - bundle install 
  - bundle exec jekyll build --destination ./public 
    - public
  - master